Why Disney stock is a buy

I would like to say that the Disney stock is a buy right now, especially if you are a long-term investor. This is mostly because of Disney plus I would say.

Not only does Disney have a lot of its own original titles from the past that almost everyone recognizes and loves. Disney still produces both new titles and makes remakes of old titles with very good quality. If you look ahead, they have a lot in the pipeline with both Star Wars and Marvel, which I am convinced will keep the viewers. At least I’m looking forward to it.

Another thing to look at is the growing number of subscribers that is only increasing all the time, it was not long ago they passed 100 million subs and then it’s only almost two years since the service was released. See no problem for Disney to raise the price tag for the service in the near future either.

Of course this can go up and down a bit over a short period of time but over a longer period I think they will grow and maybe become as big or even bigger than Netflix. Now I do not think that Disney will take customers from Netflix but rather that customers will subscribe to both services, or maybe just jump back and forth depending on what feels best at the moment.

This was a very breif analysis of why I think the Disney stock is a buy right now. It should be added that this is my personal opinion and historical returns are not a guarantee for the future.


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