Aqara Camera hub G2H Review

Are you thinking of getting an Aqara camera and integrating it with your HomeKit? I have one and tested it a bit and can say that if you intend to get one, you should first think about whether it should be indoors or outdoors, because the camera is for indoor use only. However this is only one of few disadvantages of this camera in my opinion.

If you want an affordable camera for your HomeKit, the Aqara camera integrates very well with this and you can use it with various motions automations if you want. Of course Aqara has its own app that is recommended to have to get updates, but if you only want to use Homekit its fine to.

Night vision mode works very well in the dark and you can clearly see everything in the room when you use it. A 140 degree camera angle also means that you see a lot, but if you want to control the camera, this is not possible. The camera is in a fixed position, which is a bit of a shame but may not play too much of a role. Two-way communication is also available if you need it.

If you are thinking of getting more aqara products for your smart home, the camera also works as a zigbee hub for their other products, which is a plus as well.


  • Works with Homekit
  • Good Price
  • Good Night Vision
  • Zigbee Hub


  • Can’t steer it from app
  • Only Indoor


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