Airpods Pro Review

Have long been skeptical of wireless headphones and when Apple removed the headphone jack, I was one of those who was disappointed. After a couple of years with an android phone, I decided to get an iPhone again, and then came my dilemma with headphones. But since I had already decided to get an iPhone 12, I only had to accept the fact that it was wireless headphones that mattered and then it became Airpods pro. Of course there are cheaper alternatives to headphones, but I thought if I go for Apple’s own products, it should play well together.

When I unpacked the Airpods, I was really greeted by a premium feeling from the start. Which is not surprising, Apple has made a good reputation for delivering premium feel and quality. One thing that I were worried about was that they would feel heavy or clumsy and easy to fall out of my ears. This was not the case, you hardly noticed you were wearing them and especially when the transparency mode was activated, then you could even forget that you were wearing them if the music was turned off. The motion-detecting were also a thing that I loved with these, if someone is talking to you and you are listening to music and remove one pod, the music i paused.

With a listening time of 4.5 hours does not feel like much, but with the charging case that doesnt take much space you have at least 24 h of listening time, and frankly that is good enough.

What I thought was a bit sad was that there is only one color to choose from, they could have offered at least two colors. Another thing is that you lose them very easily, which is not so fun given the price of the headphones, but which headphones do you not lose all the time?

The conclusion of it all is that I was surprisingly happy with airpods pro and would very much like to have them close at hand both for music and when I talk on the phone, and can without a doubt recommend them to others.


  • Good sound quality
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer
  • Speech-detecting accelerometer


  • Expensive
  • Just one color

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