Sensibo Air + Room Sensor Review

Have you considered wifi control for your AC or heat pump? I bought Sensibo Air and it is actually good.

Has over the years installed a couple of different smart AC / Heat pump control units, both those that have been branded by the manufacturers and universal. I chose to buy Sensibo air even though there was a brand-adapted wifi control for my Mitsubishi Electric heat pump (Melcloud). Of course Mecloud is available for ios as its own app, but when I searched around there seemed to be no easy way to put it in the homekit app. Sensibo Air is compatible with both Siri, Google Assist and Alexa from start.

I can say that the installation was very simple where you synced the existing remote control with the Sensibo device, and woops so it was finished, they did not joke when they said that it is quick to install. Have been involved in wifi controls where you must first disassemble half the inner part and connect to circuit boards, then press wpn buttons here and there (however, you usually get a little better real-time overview of the AC / Heat pump with these).

Once installed, the interface was very good and easy to understand, the most important functions were there, Mode (cooling, heating, fan, dehumidification and auto), air speed, airflow angles (both horizontally and vertically). A very good form of scheduling, perfect summer time, sets the temperature during the evening to use the night cold outdoors and starts the ac again in the morning. Another plus is that both the control unit and the extra room sensor show both current temperature and humidity. You can also choose to control with the room sensor instead and then place it some distance away if you want.

The only negative I experienced with this control was that you could not calibrate the room temperature against another thermometer in the house, and the options you get in the homekit and the google home app were not much to cheer about. You can control temperature and Mode but no more.


  • Easy to install
  • The most important functions are there
  • Build in sensors
  • Room sensor
  • Scheduling


  • Can’t calibrate the room temperature
  • Limited function in homekit and Google home
  • Slightly more expensive than competitors


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