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  • Netatmos Smart Radiator Valves

    Smart radiator valves are becoming more common and a few years ago I bought Netatmo smart radiator valve, because my existing radiator valves were getting bad. Something I discovered very quickly was that they shut down very much and often which made me check the setting on my heat pump and could with the helpContinue reading “Netatmos Smart Radiator Valves”

  • 5 tips for your air source heat pump

    The air source heat pump is a fantastic investment for the house to reduce heating costs or cool down the house in the summer, but it is also important to take care of it. In this article I talk specifically about the air/air heat pump / split heat pump. Here are five tips to increaseContinue reading “5 tips for your air source heat pump”

  • Dividend Investing Strategy

    At school, you were probably told that you should do well so that you could get a job when you graduated. After that, you work several days a week year after year to get that monthly salary, because that’s how it should be. Or is it? Something that is not mentioned much in school wasContinue reading “Dividend Investing Strategy”

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